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AutoVitals is proud to be Meineke's preferred digital vehicle inspection software provider 

With over 400 Meineke Car Care Centers onboard with AutoVitals, you are in good hands. Sign up today to start increasing your shop's ARO and efficiency. 


Increase ARO & Weekly Revenue, Guaranteed with eInspections

Follow this simple formula and you will see at least a 20% increase in average RO, guaranteed. 

1. Perform eInspections

  • Techs perform tablet based inspections 
  • Techs consistently perform ALL inspections on their tablets.
  • More job approvals & higher ARO.  

2. Edit Images

  • Service Advisor adds circles, arrows, and crop inspection images 
  • The longer motorists research the inspection, the more approvals. Its that easy! 

3. Send Inspections

  • Collect customer cell phone number to send inspection results straight to their mobile device
  • Motorists review & approve work on their own time. 

eInspections + edited images + sent inspections

= 20-100% ARO Increase


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'" love this system, I love everything about it... I've been with Meineke for years and just followed what the owner said even when we didn't agree, but one day enough was enough and now I'm at this location. I couldn't be happier, I love technology, the stupid paper trail is gone, so much of the little problems don't happen anymore and I'll be able to leave on time everyday! This IS the technology of tomorrow for automotive. Whoever made this, tell them thank you, because it's genius!"  - Meineke Car Care Center #0586

"To be honest with you, the system works great... It Is definitely worth Its money... It literally sells for you" - Meineke Car Care Center #0586

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a demonstration with one of our shop success experts to see how AutoVitals' solutions can boost your center's performance.

New & Improved Onboarding Experience with AutoVitals

Going digital can be a huge process change. Luckily, AutoVitals' shop advisors and Meineke's FOCs make it easy. Here's what to expect:

1. Sign Up with eInspections

Click here to get started with eInspections. After you complete the form, AutoVitals will call the phone number you provide to go over the onboarding process. 

2. eInspection Activation 

You will receive an email from AutoVitals to activate your eInspection package and begin your Point of Sale integration. Expect the full data base integration and sync to take 48 hours. 

3. Schedule your first training call 

In your intro call your AutoVitals training team will review everything there is to know about using eInspections in your shop and check your comprehension on new processes. We will send you over some training videos and materials to support you. 

4. Get Started! 

Begin using eInspections in your shop and transition away from paper based ROs. The AutoVitals team will schedule regular check in calls with your shop to answer any questions and to ensure you are using the system to its full potential. 

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Want more information?

Once you complete the form, an AutoVitals shop success expert will reach out to you to go over any questions you have regarding eInspections with AutoVitals.